Women in the Arts Pop Up Around DC- 2019

My own mother is a painter, in every sense of the word. In her downtime she’s an artistic one; you’re likely to find her with a glass of white wine in hand, a colorfully frayed paintbrush in another. Other times she’s a painter-for-hire, more precise and determined in her work than most men I’ve seen compete against her in this field.

It wasn’t always easy for my mom to find freelance work in that field. The painters platform is one dominated by the male gender, and most clients who inquired about her services were already struck with the preconceived notion that a man would make a better worker. As a woman it’s acceptable to show interest in a plethora of activities, but entirely another to take those up as a career. To be a nurse, a teacher, perhaps a therapist or writer? Those are acceptable careers for society’s average idea of a woman to pursue. But to be an athlete? A handyman? A business owner? We’ve just crossed the threshold of ‘unheard of,’ and I cannot begin to express how important it is that we, the female community celebrate these achievements, no matter how big or small.

On March 8th, hundreds of individuals traveled through Georgetown, DC to celebrate DC Swim Week’s Women in the Arts pop-up for International Women’s Day. In effort to salute all female artists and entrepreneurs, the company coordinated a showroom-style, retail exhibit. An abundance of remarkable female artists and entrepreneurs were scheduled to showcase their work throughout the three gorgeous venues made available and listed below are all the vendors who were in attendance, along with their Instagram handles.

Our society is a progressive one, and day by day women are taking one baby step after another into a new world where true equality is initially given rather than sought after. It’s evident we still have quite a few steps left until the finish line, but I’d say this a damn good start.