When in Rome: Top 5 Places to Eat

Ciao! I’m Maegan, and I have always loved to travel. I’ve been lucky enough to go all around the world, but Italy (specifically Rome) has had my heart since the age of 11. I’ve visited La Città Eterna multiple times now, and even lived there for a little. Needless to say, I know Rome and its restaurants like the back of my hand. Keep reading if you want to discover my top 5.


A trip to Rome is simply not complete without a stop or two, or few at Giolitti. Since 1900, this family-owned gelateria and pasticceria has been a staple of Roman cuisine. The gelato is the best I have ever had, especially the stracciatella, fior di latte, and cioccolato bianco (my favorite combination). The only thing better than the gelato might be the location. Right by the Pantheon, Giolitti makes it easy to pick up a quick cono and enjoy it in front of one of the world’s greatest architectural feats. Some of my favorite memories include nights doing just that after some pasta or pizza of course. Giolitti is super popular though, so make sure to go either in the morning, around dinnertime, or at night to enjoy it without a crowd.

Piccolo Buco

Piccolo Buco is another gem near a huge landmark. If you walk past Trevi Fountain you’ll find this smaller, family-owned restaurant. I’ve been coming to this one with my own family since I was a kid. I’ve seen the restaurant change in ownership from a mother to a son, and the staff even recognizes me! Their pasta is fantastic to say the least, and although I personally haven’t tried it yet, I hear the pizza and calzones are pretty good too. Make sure to try the Penne Arrabiata if you like some spice, or the ravioli for a milder option. The chicory appetizer is also fantastic, and will make anyone love vegetables.

Da Michele

I don’t think I can praise da Michele enough. All the way from Napoli, where pizza originated, this pizzeria is the best in the world. My family used to take day trips from our Roman vacations to Naples just for a lunch at this busy pizzeria. Recently, they expanded to Rome, and even opened their first US location in Hollywood last week. This pizza is simply a must-have if you’re in Italy or Los Angeles. It’s perfection in every way, from the crust to the buffalo mozzarella cheese.

Pietro al Pantheon

As I’m sure you guessed, this restaurant is right near the Pantheon. With its charming and romantic ambiance, this little trattoria is the ideal choice for a hearty dinner after a day of rigorous sightseeing. I highly recommend the lasagna. It’s filling, but so good you won’t be able to resist finishing it.

Ditta Trinchetti

This quirky restaurant in Rome’s most social and arguably most charming rione, Trastevere, easily makes it onto my top 5 list. It’s an effortless walk from Trastevere’s main shopping street near Belli, so make sure to hit some of the cute Italian boutiques first. Then, have a seat at this and try the carbonara and for dessert, the tiramisù at this hole in the wall.

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