“Voveti is a prosecco crafted from vineyard to cellar meant to share, inspire, and entertain the senses.”

When two innovative  families with the passion and long heritage of winemaking come together, the potential for excellence is outstanding. VOVETI wine is a product of just that; master craftsman, the Ferrer and the Collavini families, who pride themselves on creating an experience for the palate unlike any other. The name VOVETI was inspired by the Latin verb voveo, which means “to vow” or “to promise.”  This prompted a logo of 2 intertwining orange rings. The rings represent the vow to a “harmonious marriage of classic Italian winemaking and modern luxurious taste”. Made of Italy’s finest fruits from the Veneto Region, the prosecco embodies rich flavorful notes and light fragrant aromas. The contemporary bottle design and the complicated, yet refreshing, taste provides a level of grander to any occasion.

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WEBSITE https://www.vovetiwine.com/

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