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Vici Mare 

(/’Vi-chi Ma-reh/)

Vici Mare is a Colombian brand that seeks to transmit a lifestyle through its clothing. The designs are inspired by the beauty of nature. Understanding that it is everyone’s responsibility to protect the planet, we created this brand to promote and raise awareness of how easy it is to make a contribution.

When you buy a Vici Mare you contribute directly to the planet. More than a brand, it’s a lifestyle! Our swimsuits are made with recycled materials, to reduce the environmental impact of the textile industry. We use ECONYL brand fabrics to provide you with the best possible quality without neglecting the effects it has on our planet. These fabrics are made with plastic and nylon fishing waste found in the sea, to help minimize pollution and contamination found in our oceans. Additionally, no water or chemicals are used for the prints, since the color is impregnated into the fabric using heat. Understanding we’re all responsible for protecting our planet, a percentage of every purchase is destined for the conservation and recovery of forest areas in the Andes, the Colombian Amazon, and the biogeographic Chocó. Last but not least, the bag that your Vici Mare comes in is made of plastic bottles and scraps of clothing, reuse it! Together we can build a more sustainable future. The change is in our hands. #HandInHand with our planet

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