Launched in New York City by Daniel Ramot and Oren Shoval on September 2013, Via spread quickly to Chicago and Washington DC within only four years.

Since, they have provided over a million rides a month and is currently working on extending this rapid expansion to Paris, United Kingdom, and Austin, Texas. Via’s mobile app is equipped with a sophisticated algorithm that provided quick and efficient ride-shares. The significant separation of Via from other ride shares is the expedited service as a result of passengers being picked up and dropped off on the corner of a block nearest to their pickup and drop-off locations, as opposed to the exact addresses. This allows for low flat rates and quick, effective trips. This year, Via is partnering with DCSW to provide an all around exceptional experience, from the moment you leave your home. Tickets will include a code for discounted transportation to and from the event to ensure you arrive in style.

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