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TAMBONITA is the brain-child of Tamara Aida Diaz who has an extensive background as a fashion stylist and visual artist. While styling in Los Angeles, she began a bracelet business, which led to the creation of her first TAMBONITA.

Tammy grew up in a family of artists, so it’s safe to say her creative spirit was always strong. Tammy realized her true passions weren’t just art and fashion, but also the artists themselves. She then made it her mission to revitalize wearable art, while also supporting local artists with unique visions. And she did exactly that when she started TAMBONITA.

TAMBONITAs are fun-luxury handbags designed to shimmer and shine and brighten your life. Our customers are fashion enthusiasts who love art and are looking for handcrafted rarities.TAMBONITA handbags are hand-made and unique; each one is a piece of wearable art. These fun-luxury designs can glam up your day as the sun catches the woven chain, you can watch it glimmer and shine, even more so at night under the lights.
We weave our TAMBONITAs with our hands and our hearts; each one is a piece of wearable art. We believe in making TAMBONITAs in a responsible and personalized way. You can pick your style, chain color, and material and we will build

A special thing about these bags is that they can be Upcycled, which means when sent back to our HQ, they can be re-woven in a fresh new color or trim. Your bag can evolve with you, your style and the seasonal trends. This keeps jobs in America and less waste in our landfills. That makes all our TAMBONITAs sustainable and trans-generational.

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