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Natalya Toporova Swimwear

Natalya Toporova Swimwear is hand made swimwear based in Miami, with unique styles and bold colors. The swimwear is designed and hand made by Natalya Toporova who has made different clothing items for over 7 years from dresses to her own swimwear line that has braced many beaches! There’s a wide variety in her collections



Born in Peru, NELBLU, meaning “in the blue”, is inspired by the vibrant colors of the Italian coastline  The brand achieves its style by using eco-sustainable fabrics and collaborating with local artists to create exciting new designs. Reflecting confort & uniqueness body types. By celebrating them. Check out Nel Blu’s website and follow them on Facebook



CORPO SWIMWEAR is a Colombian swimsuit brand with a history of more than 30 years in the local market. The focus is to design for real women who enjoy to travel, seek new cultures and enjoy life! Producing quality swimwear and coverups, essential to complement the beachwear look


Ama Bikinis

Ama Bikinis was established in 2015 in Miami Beach!  Designer Amie Manke is a beach volleyball player and South Florida native who was inspired to create unique and functional bikinis for an active lifestyle, but something that every day bikini lovers could afford. After months of research Amie met her manufacturer at Miami Swimweek in


Joues de Sable Swim

Joues de Sable Swim, also known as JDS Swim, is the beautiful creation of Dominique Celine, a Southern California native and bikini enthusiast. Joues de Sable (pronounced Zh-oe de Sab-leh) means “Sandy Cheeks” in French. JDS Swim came to life from Dominique’s undying quest to find her idea of the perfect swimwear line, which was


Strange Bikinis

Ali Conway started Strange Bikinis because she was tired of the struggle. Living in Los Angeles, California, it was impossible to avoid the dichotomoy of swimwear: sick designs or high quality? And at what price? That’s when she realized that we shouldn’t have to choose. Why not have it all? She began small, creating custom


Eat Me Guilt Free

Eat Me Guilt Free is a snack food company founded by, Cristie Besu, a Registered Nurse and Certified Nutritionist, with the goal of satiating my clients’ evening and mid-afternoon cravings for sweets with healthier options that taste great and satisfy hunger. Our healthier, high protein, low carb snack products allow you to indulge without the


Esstee Fashion

Esstee Fashion is the brainchild and creation of a Kenyan girl living in Dubai, who poured her passion to create beauteous luxe summer staples.  The Brand name Esstee is coined from the Initials of the founder’s name “ESS” for “S” in Swafiya and “Tee” from “T” in  Tamim. Growing up in Kenya surrounded by Cousins and Aunts