Suzy Rassoulian

Whats’s an amazing swim suit without the perfect tan? The fourth annual DC Swim Week will be one to remember with tanning artist Suzy Rassoulian on our glam squad!

DC Swim Week | Suzy Rassoulian | Tanning Artist
She established MetropoliTAN Mobile Tanning in the Spring of 2010, serving the Northern VA area. She always had a passion for beauty, but wanted to do something unique that a lot of other businesses weren’t doing in the industry at that time. In 2010, Custom Airbrush Spray Tanning was just hitting the market and gaining exposure, so she decided to do extensive research to find the most exclusive spray tan solution on the market and combine that with a signature technique to give clients a natural looking flawless tan.

Read more of our interview with Suzy below!

What has been the biggest obstacle you’ve overcome as a brand?

The biggest obstacle as a brand owner that I have overcome and now mastered, is customizing the perfect blend for each client whether they have light, medium or dark skin tone. Every client is unique and has different desired results. There is science behind customizing the perfect blended solution to pull out the natural undertones one would usually obtain when getting a natural tan.

What sets you apart from others?

What sets me apart from everyone else in the industry is that I use the best solution on the market that not only gives you an amazing tan but also has anti-aging components combined with anti-oxidants which makes your skin glow, look healthy, and hydrated. This along with my attention to detail when contouring the body allows for the most perfect and flawless glowing tan.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from wanting to protect my friends and family from harmful UV-Rays. There have been many people close to me that have suffered from skin cancer, and are unable to achieve a good tan anymore. Whether it’s the conventional tanning beds or laying out catching some sun on the beach, these have all been associated with skin cancer and other skin issues. I wanted to create a healthy sunless alternative to the traditional ways of tanning.

Tell us your brand story and what your working on in the coming months..

I built this brand from its inception in 2010, nurtured the business, gained followers and a great clientele base with over 1,000 customers a year while still maintaining the personal touch with each of my clients. I am working on expanding my business by building my own clothing line to compliment the brand in the near future.

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