Splash Cycle

Splash Cycle | Embassy Row Hotel Rooftop | Aquacycling | Underwater-Cycling

You’ll never look at cycling classes the same again.

SplashCycle is DC’s first acquacycling class. Acquacycling is an underwater spinning workout. Stationary bikes are placed in the pool and you pedal against the water resistance.

Offering indoor classes held in the pool of Argentta Spa at The Watergate Hotel, the 5-Star Spa features state of the art gym, whirlpool, indoor pool, sauna, nail salon and luxurious spa treatments. Riders can use the facilities free of charge before or after the classes!

There are several benefits to these innovative underwater cycling classes. The natural properties of the water massage your body and activate the lymphatic system getting rid of toxins and improving blood circulation. This helps toning and reducing cellulite. The water also helps supporting your body weight providing a low-impact exercise protecting your joints, bones and muscles.

If you’re interested in taking classes or just want to know more about them, check out Splash Cycle’s website or follow them on Facebook.