Sahara Beachwear

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Sahara Beachwear was created By Lourdes Gonzalez and Yanina Roye in 2016, Lourdes Gonzalez creative director of the brand studied fashion design in the venezuelan academy BRIVIL, based in CARACAS, VENEZUELA. 

“I’ve always been in love with fashion since my early 11 years old, when I participated in a model academy, but then I realized that my passion was to dress the models not be one, always loved to see the girls well dressed and to teach them how to look and feel beautiful, that’s why is so important to me as a designer to promote self love, because all starts from the inside, if you feel good, you will look good. 

My first store was in a studio in my mom’s apparment, when I was in my 3rd trimester of fashion design in 2011, then, step by step I finally consolidated my brand, Sahara Beachwear, the name was inspired by the mystery and sexyness of the dessert and those arabian tales.

I feel grateful for my friends and family who always believed in me and my talent, always supporting me in everything.”

As a brand, Sahara Beachwear wants to get closer to their clients not just by selling a swimsuit but by supporting them to know that they are all beautiful in their own way, they just have to find what makes them special in their own way.

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