What we have to offer you here is much more than beautiful dresses, show-stopping looks, and our exclusive stylist handpicked collections! Consider us your personal celebrity stylists. Why should stars be the only ones who get personally styled? Every girl should have the luxury of an onhand, online, 24/7 stylist. We are bringing you this glamorous experience, (at no extra fee!) The Reve Boutique.com team is made up of seasoned fashionistas whose passion it is to make their clients look and feel their absolute best. Whether it is a charity gala, wedding, a special date, or just girls a night out it is our mission to make sure jaws drop when you walk in the room.

Along with personal styling, the Reve girls live, eat, and sleep fashion!  We are constantly scoping out up-and-coming designers, the latest trends, the best celebrity looks, and all of the must-have pieces for our Reve Dolls. Often collaborating with designers to create exclusive dresses our clients will love, we make your shopping experience even more special.

Our clients are repeat customers; they get a dress, they wear it, fall in love, and come back for more! We would like to think it is not just the dresses that make our clients Reve Dolls for life, but the relationships we build while shopping together for that perfect look. It is not uncommon for us to get an email stating “I have a charity event, you know what I like, pick out a few dresses for me”. How is this possible? We get to know our clients through personal one on one communication. We know what they like, what they love, and of course, their measurements. 

We cannot take all the credit of course, what is a stylist without her best looks and variety of amazing clothing? We proudly offer a collection of amazing designers, many of whom are 100% made in the USA. These stunning, often handmade, and made-to-order pieces are another reason we are not the average off-the-rack site. While orders may take 7-14 days to make their way to you, when you put that dress on, you will see and feel the love and care that was put into making that exact piece, just for you.

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