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Colors and fabrics they use are 100% eco-friendly, meaning that they do not damage your health and do not contain any harmful pieces.

Fashion brand RELLECIGA designs women’s bikinis for lovers of fashion across the whole world. Their designs include not only production of exclusive bikinis in limited editions but also production work of stylish collections which belong to the best ones around the world.

The goal of RELLECIGA is to fulfill your dreams about awesome bikinis. They put an accent particularly on the quality of the materials, the handmade work and the detailed processing of each piece. They offer swimwear which is comfortable and enjoyable.

Relleciga offers bikinis which are various in colors and also in designs. Despite high quality and exclusivity, they also bring you fair prices. They offer swimwear for any occasion that is always up to date and modern with its design. Bikinis that are, thanks to their price, available for every woman.

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