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OUTFAIR.com is the online retail store of GAYHILLS Inc (USA) and Acciones de la Frontera (Colombia), certified companies as LGBT Owned and Registered as International Diversity Supplier.

GAYHILLS, with the NGLCC, ACCIONES DE LA FRONTERA, USAID and other big corporations as EY founded in 2014 the GLOBAL program to end LGBT discrimination with the tool of economic empowerment.

Today, the Global Network has 10 new LGBT Chambers of Commerce around the world, and hundreds of businesses resgistered as International Diversity Suppliers.

With my husband we founded OUTFAIR.com the retail service of our main company GAYHILLS Inc. Since the begining of our carrees as entrepreneurs we were eager to build something meaningful. Something lasting. Truthfully, we wanted to work against discrimination around the world throught the economic empowerment and at the same time help people save money on the best quality and exclusive LGBT Owned businesses’ brands.

Seven years later we are humbled by our growing business, thanks to customers like you. We are proud to do all our operations from Florida and work together as a family. Without realizing it, you have transformed our company from a little office inside a nursery with zero employees, the the biggest global distributor and retail of International Diversity Suppliers in the world.

We hope your experience in OUTFAIR.com brings you a moment of happiness – and some savings!.

A million thanks for being an important part of our evolving journey to contribute to the world supporting the LGBT Owned Business around the world, helping them to be economic empowered to transform the discrimination in their countries.

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