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MOSSTO USA revolutionizes footwear by producing the world’s 1st patented adjustable high heeled shoes for women.  

In the summer of 2015, Three friends, Mike, Ike and Adam went to Europe and Africa for Business and vacation. Visited countries like the UK, Spain, Nigeria and Morocco. Through these visits, Adam introduced them to Patricia Ruano and the Mossto brand.

They saw the intricately engineered women’s high heeled shoe and together believed that this could very well be the beginning of the future of high heels for women and optimistically, the future of shoes for men: Instantly Customizable Footwear.

They also believed that the women in our lives, deserved and really needed this shoe. They loved their women so much and thought it would serve as a great gift from a long vacation trip away from them.

They believed again, that they shouldn’t just have their women wear this shoe, but that every woman in the world deserved this new, functional, well-engineered, customizable, comfortable and pulchritudinous high-heeled shoe.

They even tried them on themselves just to measure the comfort level and found that they were comfortable for even men to try on. So, they bought as many as they could carry in their luggage and took them home to begin the journey of convincing women around the world to try these shoes on and stop carrying extra shoes or flats in their bags.

In seconds, one can replace their heels and adjust them from high to low, or low to high.  This saves time and space, by making MOSSTO USA customers carry around just colorful heel choices to change the heels, compared to carrying around an extra pair of full length shoes within your bag.  

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