Launching  in Spring of 2022 


Most frequent questions and answers

Non-fungible tokens are a convenient way to represent ownership in a distributed and immutable manner. For this reason, they are transforming entire industries. From paintings and collectibles to concerts, movies, real estate, and patent law, few areas will remain untouched by NFTs. Prominent entrepreneurs, athletes, and musicians are flocking to them, but former unknowns are also gaining acclaim through them. 

As Coin Gecko analysts have noted: “Even Mark Cuban has decided to embrace crypto, largely because of the NFT narrative. NFTs disrupt the power structure of the creative and content industry, giving back more control to the creators. With popular singers like The Weekend and Linkin Park joining the NFT party, we foresee more creators joining the NFT hype train.”

ZED is a marketplace for luxury NFTS backed by unique utilities brought to you by Miami Swim Week. ZED NFTs are powered by NFTY Protocol and minted on the Etherium Blockchain.

The frontier is still untamed. There isn’t a lot of accountability yet. In other words, there’s a good chance you don’t know whether you are buying the rights to the item. Because this is typically done with cryptocurrency, it is difficult (or impossible) to reverse transactions. Fraud and forgery have always been endemic to fine art, but they have found new life in the burgeoning NFT space. 

High-end Fashion, Unique art collectives, Luxury Living, One of a kind Experiences, Luxury Cars, Membership Clubs, Investments and Many More.

Advocates/Influencers can vote for their favorite NFTS increasing the reputation of the NFTS which results in earning potential for advocates.

We are sorting out a collection of unique proposals in the luxury sector.

ZED is  scheduled to launch in March to April of 2022 time frame.

If you are invited as a founding artist or approved, our team would set up a consultation to learn more about your NFTS and utilities attached to the NFT sale.

With ZED NFTs, we DO not list collectibles only. All NFTs are attached to a physical product, service, or experience. 

The creator is responsible to provide a unique NFT artwork (inline with ZED specifications) We are also happy to assist with the artwork creation. ( A fee or % of the  NFT will be applied towards the artwork creation)

There is NO upfront cost to the creator to list the NFTs. Once the NFTs are sold 30% of the fee (Advocates + ZED- Platform Administration/Technology) is distributed to ZED.

The creator is always the owner of their respective NFTS.

If approved, YES! And it should align with the accpeted utility. utility.

Once the NFTs are listed for sale/auction, all NFTS will be displayed on the URL on ZED website, the ZED platform will be promoted by Creators, NFTY community, Miami Swim Week and advocates. All ZED NFTs will be listed in Opensea.(The world’s largest NFT marketplace)