Mcristals Statement Earrings is an Online Earring Shop that offers One of a Kind designs.

The idea of creating Mcristals started when its owner, an avid fashion consumer in America and jewelry connoisseur, noticed that the Earring market was lacking reasonably priced high-quality pieces. By using her network from her years of making Jewelry, she realized she could offer amazing earrings at more affordable prices without compromising either quality or design. From there, she partnered up with awesome designers, focusing on quality and originality to bring to you these amazing pieces! At Mcristals you will be inspired by the Uniqueness of the pieces that are handpicked having in mind the diversity of tastes and styles.

These unique pieces are made in South America and shipped from the brand’s Office in Miami, FL. Mcristals Statement Earrings are always plated with 18K Gold, Rose Gold or Rhodium. They are also hypoallergenic, meaning that they are crafted to reduce the allergic reaction caused by nickel.

Mcristals main goal is to bring to you the best designs aligned with the highest quality. Mcristals owner believes that through Earrings you “can express your personality, you can tell a story, you can make a statement!”

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