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Lilly Be has a long history that until recently has grown into fruition. As a teenager, my mother introduced me to my first aromatherapy kit.

 I quickly studied the text and began mixing concoctions and formulas for health and beauty. Upon entering University I inquired to be an Aromatherapy major. Back in the 90’s before it was a popular topic, the school told me this did not exist and redirected to a more stable career. So, I earned two Master Degrees in the field of Education and worked eleven years as an Educator and Curriculum Specialist for the Miami Dade District’s 25% lowest performing schools.

Throughout those years, I enjoyed my work, but I couldn’t shake the urge to know more about plants and oils. I took it upon myself to become a Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist because I just loved the idea and I wanted to create beauty and health products, even if it was only for family, friends, and myself. I actually secured my company Lilly Be and website, although I didn’t do anything with them for over 10 years. Lilly Be was just a dream.

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