L’ Antonio Resort Wear

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L’ Antonio is a state of mind. The state of mind that comes from a personal place of sheer satisfaction.

The roots of L’ Antonio are grounded in the love of tropical living. Particularly the country of Costa Rica where designer Lloyd A. Crawford was born. They have a saying called Pura Vida, meaning simple life, free of stress, a positive and relaxed feeling. His passion was to create a luxury lifestyle line that was simple, sophisticated and stress-free. L’ Antonio is a lifestyle and mindset of ease.

Their line is year-round fashion is comprised of breathable fabrics that bring you to warm and exotic destinations.  Women look casually elegant and feel completely comfortable moving from beach or poolside to a restaurant or lounge.

They sell originally designed individual pieces from full-length flowy dresses, colorful pantsuits, skirts paired with a stylist blouse, white wrap dresses and jumpsuits.  They understand that one piece of garment may or may not stand alone, which is why they pair their clothing with jewelry, a handbag, a scarf or head wrap depending on how you wish to express yourself.

The peace and ease that comes from vacations, from taking a break from life, is the same peace and ease you feel from L’ Antonio’s line. A sophisticated ease that flows from within. L’ Antonio enhances a woman’s inner beauty and assists in falling into sheer satisfaction.

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