KhaDiva Customs

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From a thought of creativity, in January 2019 a dream turned into a reality. Hence, the birth of Khadiva Customs. Khadiva Customs is all about the empowerment of women through their sense of fashion.

Designer Khadijah Boles is a Biomedical Engineer by trade, but has a love for art and a passion for the latest trends. She knew she was forever a Designer, Seamstress, and Creator. Whether she’s giving a unique twist to an already existing outfit or creating quality styles for a totally new outfit from scratch, she believes that people’s personalities speak through their wardrobe. She hopes to bring customers a sense of empowerment and confidence that not only shows in their outfits, but also in their aura.

KhaDiva Customs is proud to showcase fashionable innovative designs that are fresh, original, and timeless. Choose a color, choose the fabric, choose the style, and KhaDiva Customs does the rest.

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