Kalakoa Swim

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Stemming from her childhood love of being at the beach and joining the New Zealand Surf Lifesaving movement-a multifaceted movement that comprises key aspects of voluntary lifeguard services and competitive surf sport- designer Toni Burke in late 2019 decided to take the leap and combine her favourite things in life and created Kalakoa Swim. 
Always brainstorming new innovations to help with the ‘stay-ability’ of their products, Kalakoa has chosen designs that last whether you are swimming or surfing and of course, always go through a quality control test by me Toni herself!
Their breath-taking environmentally friendly swimsuits feature Carvico Vita, an Italian material made from recycled fishnets from the ocean, and Repreve Lycra, an American material made from plastic bottles (and other plastic matter)  recycled from landfills.
Apart from their innovative use of eco-friendly materials, they are also currently in the midst of designing a program that allows customers to send back their swimwear when they no longer use it to then upcycle it appropriately in exchange for a credit towards a new product, ensuring that the materials don’t go to waste and customers are left feeling rewarded for taking up good sustainability practices.

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