HeatherLeigh is a luxury swimwear brand created to inspire women to feel like a goddess and to promote the power of positive energy. 

Each HeatherLeigh bikini is made with intention. Love and positivity are woven into each piece, while thoughtful fit features enhance your curves and capture your inner beauty.

At Heatherleigh we believe in the law of attraction; the ability to bring about positive change in your life by putting positivity into the universe. This energy is an essential tool available to each and every one of us through meditation, yoga, and the practice of self-love through bath rituals and ceremonies. These tools inspire the goddess already within you.

We believe a modern-day goddess is a woman who is in tune with her divine feminine, has self-love, exudes confidence, and welcomes the power of the universe while spreading positive energy to all around her.
Your path to enlightenment is important to us and we want to share with you how we at Heatherleigh awaken our inner goddess with positive energy and self-love through our goddess bath rituals.

When you purchase a suit, we will provide you with a DIY guide to conduct your very own goddess bath ritual. This kit presents you with an easy setup guide to transform your private bath into a spa-like experience using candles, crystals, flowers, and aromatherapy. We encourage you to take it even further and set your intentions to cleansing negative energy that you may be carrying and saturate yourself with positive energy and enlightenment.

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