Joues de Sable Swim

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Joues de Sable Swim, also known as JDS Swim, is the beautiful creation of Dominique Celine, a Southern California native and bikini enthusiast. Joues de Sable (pronounced Zh-oe de Sab-leh) means “Sandy Cheeks” in French.

JDS Swim came to life from Dominique’s undying quest to find her idea of the perfect swimwear line, which was one that encompassed both luxury and sustainability, without compromising the sexiness or the perfect fit that every swimsuit should have. With that in mind, she decided to create a line made of luscious fabrics from Italy and Indonesia that are great for the environment. Joues de Sable is made for the everyday woman who loves a suit that possesses the perfect amount of luxury and comfort, while making her feel beautiful and confident in her own skin. Joues de Sable Swim is a brand that is built on the important core value of women empowerment. It has always been Dominique’s vision to create a brand that brings women of all backgrounds and shapes together to promote the important messages of body positivity and self-love.


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