Giselle Williams

Hair perfection is a MUST this Summer and who else to ensure our models have the finishing touches than award-winning Giselle Williams?

DC Swim Week | Giselle Williams | Hair Styling Team Lead
DC Swim Week Hair Styling Team Lead Giselle Williams

Giselle’s father who came here from Morocco in the 60’s to start a new life for himself and siblings. As the story goes, this is a rags-to-riches tale which has been her driving inspiration from the beginning. Without his courageous leap to venture out to explore his dream in the US, she wouldn’t be in this position today. She contributes her love for hair to him, as well as to her incredible husband who’s been her biggest supporter. In addition, her mother was always there by her side encouraging her to stride to learn only from those who were the best in the hair industry! As a result, there are now 18 members of her family that do hair in the National Capital region! She established Hair by Giselle in 2001. 

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What has been the biggest obstacle you’ve overcome as a brand?

 I’ve not faced obstacles, I’ve seen great opportunities that I’ve pursed with moxie. With many stylists in the NCR, getting a toehold early in my career required savvy marketing through my web presence, flyers/business cards, networking, bridal shows, publications, hair clinics/teaching, fashion shows, editorials, celebrities, White House events, a case study with WeddingWire and being on their panel. Washingtonian Bride & Groom Magazine for 17 years, and 8 times nominated as their Top-Vote-Getter.

What sets you apart from others?

 Four words describe my art and distinguish me from others: Technique, Versatility, Speed, and Responsiveness. I acquired specialized techniques and learned versatility through Patrick Cameron in NY & London. The speed is something I taught myself which translates into my ability to deliver services to large parties with minimal support and cost. I put a high premium on my client’s needs and I respond to those needs whenever and wherever they appear. What sets me apart is my diligent pursuit for becoming the best. I’ve always made it a point to learn from the best so my national (NY training) & international training (London) has paved my way. My ongoing education, teaching, and now writing an educational hair book of styling has taken my services to new levels. As of this year, I am one of a very small group of people who have become an Elite US Ambassador for the luxurious and best hair care line in the world – BALMAIN. In addition, I’ve included an added service in photographing my work. This will help promote my artistic capabilities for my website and social media. I believe that having a calm demeanor and being able to take on any challenge that comes my way separates me from the rest as well.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I’m am inspired by my own desire to create beautiful hairstyles and to achieve my clients’ dreams. I attend shows, observe other high performing stylists, follow trends, and apply everything I learn to my craft. Whether I’m facing an new and intricate hair style, a circumstance that requires a professional to diffuse a situation, challenging timelines, working with vendors and high pressured clients, I’m always up to the task. I can honestly say, this only comes with experience and an internal desire to be the best. Understanding my craft and target audience is everything to me.

What is the one thing you want customers to know about what you do?

A6: I want customers to know that my purpose is to deliver on their hairstyle dreams. In addition, not only do I deliver high quality services, but my personality often brings peace at a time of stress—and that is priceless to my clients. I want my customers to know of my loyalty and impeccable customer service. I’m a big nurturer at heart and just love to make a special connection with everyone along the way.

Tell us your brand story and what you’re working on in the coming months.

The story of Hair by Giselle, LLC is a story of the passionate pursuit of perfection in hairstyling. Early on, I sought to serve the most demanding clients in the hair industry in the NCR, and I’ve slowly, but consistently built my business to deliver. My focus over the coming months is photography to support my clients, authoring my book, and continued growth with the BALMAIN-Paris hair couture product line.


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