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Esstee Fashion is the brainchild and creation of a Kenyan girl living in Dubai, who poured her passion to create beauteous luxe summer staples. 

The Brand name Esstee is coined from the Initials of the founder’s name “ESS” for “S” in Swafiya and “Tee” from “T” in  Tamim. Growing up in Kenya surrounded by Cousins and Aunts spending their days behind a sewing machine tailoring anything ranging from girls little dresses to patched bedcovers to save any fabric leftover in the tailoring process.

After graduating in BA (Economics), Swafiya pursued a 1-year conventional Pattern making and Tailoring course from a neighbor in Kenya.

Moving to Dubai which is also seen as a fashion hub in 2004, she continued doing a part-time course in Draping at Dubai International Art Center.

In 2017 she started working on her ideas gathering inspiration by strutting to Asia-Pacific and Africa. Her ideas turned to reality when she started producing colorful, white, fun, whimsical yet carefree summer staples and selling them in Dubai pop-up markets, Boutiques, and Resorts.

All this while researching on trends and how to accomplish her childhood dreams of having her own Brand that would empower women and bring back those childhood memories of stay-at-home women behind the classic vintage Singer Sewing Machine.

Esstee Fashion is working with women entrepreneurs whose quality work and craftsmanship ensure lasting pieces. They ensure that all their fabric is ethically sourced and sustainable by getting certified verification of the factory and textile that they use in their collections.

Check out Estee Fashion’s website and follow them on Instagram.