Emelia’s Swimwear

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Designed and made in Canada, with the love of travel and warmer sunny destinations in mind, Emelia’s Swimwear™ is more than just another swimwear company – it’s a lifestyle.

Like many of her summer days, it started off at the beach in late July; laying on a picnic blanket on a flat part of the rocky shore, feet up on a washed up log, face up to the sun, Emelie found herself wishing the sun would never set.

While having this thought, she tugged and pulled at her bikini, wishing it would sit how she wanted it to. Emelie was a girl who spent her fair share of money on swimwear and for the most part was very dissatisfied with the suits she had been buying. And so it began; Emelie realized that if she wanted something great, she would have to create it herself.

Emelie created Emelia’s so that you can find solace in long lasting suits that make you feel great about yourself while providing true quality. These Swimsuits have been made for you, with you in mind.

Our swimsuits are a collection of timeless pieces that offer function, quality, comfort, style and practicality. Each top and bottom is sold separately, and each piece is reversible – adding more value to our suits and making Emelia’s the perfect travel bikini for any traveler seeking time in the sun. Emelia’s Swimwear® is made in Canada with quality tested materials made from recycled fabrics. We donate 5% of our profits to causes such as saving the bees and saving the beaches and oceans of the world. Most importantly, Emelia’s Swimwear® is made for the Followers of Sunshine 

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