As someone who knows the struggle first hand, Lauren Tinerella started eltee swim with the intention of solving an issue that she personally faced when it came to shopping for swimsuits. She has had to tailor everything she wears for years, but knows doing so isn’t ideal for most people, and it shouldn’t be the only option women have to get the right fit.

Eltee swim was created with the mission of working to continuously create and offer a solution for those women frustrated with how hard fit can be when it comes to swimwear. We put fit and adjustability at the forefront when creating these pieces, but we don’t sacrifice style or quality to keep an attainable price point.

From the person who wants to show a little more skin, the one who wants fully adjustable pieces that can be worn more than one way, or the one who just wants something supportive and stylish that flatters and makes a woman feel her best in a swimsuit, eltee swim is here to do that. Our target demographic is anyone who wants to wear a swimsuit – we don’t like to add parameters outside of that. We strive to create a community where everyone can feel comfortable sharing themselves in their eltee swim and we aim to inspire confidence so that women can embrace themselves just as they are, especially in a swimsuit.

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