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Growing up on the beautiful island of Jamaica, Daniela has had an infinite love for the sun, sand & sea. Always in a bikini she decided to create her own line of swimsuits in 2018. 

DTS SWIM has spent a lot of time ensuring they design styles with all shapes and sizes in mind, with cuts that accentuate the female body and highlight every curve.

Targeting women who want to feel sexy and confident, each peice has something for every taste and a little of “something you have never seen before”.

DTS Designs is a brand based in Jamaica for women who want a unique, trendy, exotic, and colorful wardrobe that accentuates and compliments their inner and outer beauty.

All their pieces are hand-made locally in the beautiful island of Jamaica to perfection to fit your body type. You will also notice on most items you get the opportunity to customize based on your unique body structure. We will also carry beautiful accessories for women who appreciate the uniqueness and want to step away from the norm.

The young entrepreneur decided to enter the fashion industry after finding it difficult to find trendy & fashionable clothing for her curvy body. Daniela T. Stone would like to assist women with similar problems.

DTS Designs are made for comfort but will still give you that modest sex appeal you desire. So from stunning African wax prints, one-off unique pieces, & that wardrobe essential that will turn heads, DTS Designs is definitely the place to shop!

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