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To travel is to live and don’t we all want to live in style? DELYX LTD was founded in Tampa, Florida, but the styles behind this brand transcend state, country and continental boundaries. DELYX LTD provides its clientele with luxurious apparel and accessories that are timeless and classic; whether you are tanning on the white sand beaches of sunny St. Barts, or skiing the snowy mountains of St. Moritz.

DELYX LTD was founded by Sophia Stallworth and Sharice Barnes; the pair of friends, along with their husbands have spent over a decade traveling together. Years of their shared experiences revealed a glaring need for readily available, multi-use apparel and accessories.

The business idea first occurred on a ski trip in Park City, Utah. While perusing the shops and boutiques, they both came to the realization of their limited baggage space and budget! Then it clicked… what if the most luxurious and fashion-forward designs were multi-functional with interchangeable features? These features could essentially allow travelers to have multiple looks without sacrificing valuable packing space. On that premise, the idea to pair luxury high-end fashion with durability and practicality, gave birth to DELYX LTD.

Why the name DELYX [dom leeks] LTD? The founders wanted to pay homage to their “aha” moment. The obvious connection was the sport of skiing, which originated in Scandinavia. DeLyx in Swedish (one of the languages of Scandinavia), loosely translates to “The Luxury”. Luxury is the cornerstone on which the brand is founded. Gone are the days of designs that sacrificed function and comfort for style. DELYX LTD combines top of the line fabrics and materials with luxurious styling that is classic in appearance with a time-less allure.

The spirit of adventure is woven into every bead and stitch, as each line of seasonal products reflects the founders’ favorite travel destinations. Head to the DELYX LTD blog for photos and personal recommendations on the places that inspired your favorite products. There, you will also find travel tips, in case you’re feeling motivated to venture out yourself. Fall in love with the luxury of DELYX LTD and get ready for a fabulous adventure!


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