DELYX [dom-leeks] LTD is a premium multi-season brand specializing in multi-way, convertible apparel and accessories for women and men. Its mission is to establish itself as a leading, trademarked brand that celebrates individualism and creativity. In addition, its value offer

includes sourcing eco-friendly, sustainable materials all over the world (i.e. Nepal, Colombia, India, Inner Mongolia, etc) whenever possible, empowering self-expression, and complimenting every moment and season of their clients lives.

The idea for DELYX LTD began with two friends on a ski trip to Park City, Utah, where the now Co-Owners were having a fabulous time, skiing and snowboarding, chatting with the locals, and shopping! There was just one problem -luggage space for their amazing finds! What they really needed were a few staple pieces that could be manipulated and worn in multiple ways, with multiple outfits which would allow them to both pack light and yet still be stylish. After doing a bit of research, they found that while there were a few hit or miss items out there, no company specialized in just that, and Voila! DELYX, LTD was born!!! DELYX LTD’s winter items allow for more room in your suitcase with interchangeable poms and cuffs, as well as reversible styles. In addition, the owners are from Florida and understand the importance of a solid swimsuit, and how amazing it feels when you finally find that perfect flattering fit. Their suits are made with buttery-smooth fabric, and are reversible or multiway, allowing for endless styling possibilities!

Finally, DELYX LTD is more than just apparel and accessories! These friends enjoy connecting with their customers and exchanging occasional travel and fashion tips via their blog and social media. Fun Fact! Each of their products are named after various travel destinations, icons, or points of interest they’ve encountered on their journeys!

DELYX LTD’s timeless yet innovative designs are sure to turn heads… so much so that their styles have been featured in various media outlets: Real Simple Magazine, Park City Magazine, Salt Lake City Magazine, Big Life Magazine, Sheen Magazine, Good Day DC, DC

Swim Week, CBS 2 Fresh Living/Salt Lake City, New York Fashion Week, and Park City Television.

Fall in love with the luxury of DELYX LTD, and get ready for a fabulous adventure!

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