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Thalassa Beachwear

Thalassa Beachwear was established in 2017 in Trinidad and Tobago by two fashion enthusiastic sisters, Arielle and Alyssa Persad, with a passion to create their own unique brand. They constantly research and design modern contemporary beachwear and accessories which embodies the idealism of the Caribbean lifestyle and dream. While their designs are consistent with bright


Strange Bikinis

Ali Conway started Strange Bikinis because she was tired of the struggle. Living in Los Angeles, California, it was impossible to avoid the dichotomoy of swimwear: sick designs or high quality? And at what price? That’s when she realized that we shouldn’t have to choose. Why not have it all? She began small, creating custom


Cicily Swim Line

Cicily swim line is for the conservative woman with a keen sense of self. When Khadija Cicily Glasgow was inspired to create Cicily Swim Line, she was at a point where she wanted to remind modest/conservative women that there are swimwear designers that think about them. Cicily Swim Line is a conservative swimwear brand, which



Soltani swimwear is a collection of high-end swimwear for the woman who appreciates fit, quality, and attention to detail. The result is a range of unique elegant pieces that can be worn from day to night. Always wanting to make a woman feel sexy, sophisticated , stylish, and beautiful, Soltani takes its wearers beyond the


Lady Mariama Design

“My style is a fusion of all the cultures I have been immersed in” states Mariama Onitiri. “I believe you can mix elements of different cultures to create a silhouette. It works! There is no limit to fashion!” Mariama Onitiri is a Senegalese/Guinean/ French luxury wear designer who has lived in France, England, America, Mozambique and Singapore