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DC Swim Week 2019 Pop up Showroom

DC’s premier summertime fashion pop up party  kicked off DC Swim Week. 2019 season. DC Swim Week  Designers, retailers, brands and boutiques showcased their products while networking and building relationships with buyers and consumers. We will be showcased the spring/summer 2019/2020 swimwear collections, Summer. clothing, Resort-wear, and Accessories from different brands worldwide in showroom style Pop-pop.

Women in the Arts Pop Up – 2019

On March 8th, hundreds of individuals traveled through Georgetown, DC to celebrate DC Swim Week’s Women in the Arts pop-up for International Women’s Day. In effort to salute all female artists and entrepreneurs, the company coordinated a showroom-style, retail exhibit. An abundance of remarkable female artists and entrepreneurs were scheduled to showcase their work throughout

DC Swim Week 2018 Pop up Showroom

DC’s premier summertime fashion pop up party  kicked off DC Swim Week. 2018 season. DC Swim Week  Designers, retailers, brands and boutiques showcased their products while networking and building relationships with buyers and consumers. DCSW recognizes both local and international brands, in a bid to inspire and improve lifestyle, convenience, as well as luxury and


Syrena Swimwear

Stepping out with an empowered sense of glamour, SYRENA Swimwear is re-introducing high fashion into the luxury swimwear world. Inspired by vintage and modern runway looks, our fashion-forward collection focuses on emulating an opulent lifestyle of beauty, sophistication and elegance. SYRENA’s show-stopping designs are meant to inspire style and poise. Versatile enough for all shapes,


VIRAGO SWIM is a luxury swimwear label inspired by and created with all women in mind. Their goal is to always be a reminder to each and every goddess that they are strong, powerful, and beautiful. Their mission is to provide high-quality pieces while making socially conscious choices. They take value in transparency and are

The Bungalow Bazaar

DANA GOLDBERG, FOUNDER, THE BUNGALOW BAZAAR, can most days, be found wearing head-to-toe black. Always referred to as the "ultimate contradiction " due to her style choices, Dana’s vision for The Bungalow Bazaar was to think outside her own personal style and needs in order to fill a huge void in the market. “After many


CONH Milliner grew from the great love of the use of hats. Each of our pieces is full of symbolism and representations that tell a story, "if the hat fits, wear it" so when you think about our hats, think very well about the one that makes you feel special. We want both, women and

Claudia La Bianca

Claudia La Bianca, originally from Bagheria Sicily is now a passionate and confident Miami based visual artist with over 20 years experience in the visual arts, from large size murals around the world to the sensitive art of storytelling through her film making, she possesses a strong sense of forward thinking that is consistent in

Beyond Haute

Beyond Haute Is a collection of dramatic sustainable handmade new and vintage wearable art. Each piece is designed in Miami, Florida using artisan-made textiles from around the world. Check out their website and follow them on Instagram.  


TAMBONITA is the brain-child of Tamara Aida Diaz who has an extensive background as a fashion stylist and visual artist. While styling in Los Angeles, she began a bracelet business, which led to the creation of her first TAMBONITA. Tammy grew up in a family of artists, so it’s safe to say her creative spirit

Karyn Coo

Karyn Coo, born in Temuco - Chile in 1988, entered the costume design career in 2007. After 3 years of studies, she carried out an exchange for the city of Buenos Aires in search of new knowledge. It is there where she decides to abandon herstudies and create her eponymous brand. In 2011 she entered

Gitana Gold

Gitana Gold was born in 2015 as a 3 month pop up boutique in the Mission of San Francisco showcasing a collective of fashion, art, designer and vintage retail. The following year the concept was expanded to include a retail pop up in Pacific Beach, San Diego. Founder Elisa Gonsalves dreamed of collaborating her designs

JAMS by Jillian

The journey began when Jillian moved to Miami and saw her first Swim Week runway show. Jillian always loved fashion, but when she saw these shows, she knew this is what she wanted to pursue. She wanted to design high-quality swimsuits while still giving back to the community and making a difference. JAMS features a

So Flo Beach Co

Swimwear that celebrates all bodies while being environmentally friendly. It's a win-win! So Flo Beach Co is an online boutique based out of South Florida with a variety of swimwear and beachwear. So Flo Beach Co was opened in 2018 with a mission to make all women feel beautiful and powerful in simple, affordable pieces

Belle D’Amour

How It All StartedI have always loved designing, fashion, and most of all exquisite lingerie – sometimes it takes something awful to make you realize how precious life is and how short it is – That moment for me was March 2015 – It brought me back…back to who I used to be. Treat yourself


Patricia Bonaldi’s career in fashion began more than a decade ago with the launch of her eponymous collection of hand-embroidered couture gowns. The Brazil native’s notable style of embroidery, bold prints and her steadfast dedication to craftsmanship quickly earned her notoriety in her home country and beyond. Today, Patricia has been recognized by the Brazilian

Maru Jordan Swimwear

For stunning and luxury collections full of retro shapes, trending patterns and an elegant fabric composing look no further. Inspired in the culture of the most beautiful places in the world, the art of designing came to Maru's life ever since she was a little girl. Remembering when she was 7 years old and learned

Miriam Swimwear

Miriam Swimwear is a luxury swimwear brand and our main goal is to empower women around the world and have the happiest customers! We range in styles and have many different types of cuts, figures, styles, and patterns, all so that you can find the swimsuit that is perfect for you. We hope your shopping

eltee swim

As someone who knows the struggle first hand, Lauren Tinerella started eltee swim with the intention of solving an issue that she personally faced when it came to shopping for swimsuits. She has had to tailor everything she wears for years, but knows doing so isn’t ideal for most people, and it shouldn’t be the



KEIANN CORLISE J. FOUNDER AND CREATIVE DIRECTOR believes in a strong code of ethics when it comes to the world of swim, resort, design, and production.The mission is to shift the perspective of atelier design.  Personally, Corlise has spent the earlier years of her design career drafting each pattern of every look, deepening the authenticity

Zao Swimwear

Founder and designer Paulina Camizao along with her twin sister Mariana Camizao created the Zao Swimwear collection, bringing a fresh perspective to swimwear.   Zao is a luxury swimwear and Resort-wear brand created in 2014 Our Design Philosophy is to create minimal, elegant pieces yet undeniably sexy!   The tailoring techniques are evident through the collections and

Collier Bristow London

Collier Bristow is a British fashion label established in 2013 by Freddie Collyer-Bristow and located in Chelsea. But before the brand reached its spiritual home on the King’s Road – the iconic road’s heritage of quality trend-setting is something Collier Bristow positively embodies – it traveled the globe first. Packed with adventure and derring-do, the
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PLIVATI was founded by Julianne, a mother of two young boys and a husband with Croatian heritage who, along with her love for the Mediterranean and fashion, provided the influence for the name and brand. PLIVATI in Croatian translates to ‘swim’ in English. Growing up on the beaches of the Gold Coast, Julianne has always had

Kalakoa Swim

Stemming from her childhood love of being at the beach and joining the New Zealand Surf Lifesaving movement-a multifaceted movement that comprises key aspects of voluntary lifeguard services and competitive surf sport- designer Toni Burke in late 2019 decided to take the leap and combine her favourite things in life and created Kalakoa Swim.   


Mynx is a Specialized Beauty Salon that performs luxury lash services and offers Basic Fundamental and Advanced Lash Courses. As well as, Full Body Organic Airbrush Tanning and Full Body Waxing, and Professional Makeup. MYNX’s mission is for its guests to discover and feel their beauty emerge after they visit MYNX. They want everyone to


Proudly manufactured and designed in Colombia, the Macaed Collection takes inspiration from the freedom and forms of expression that women socioculturally experienced during the s’60 and s’70. Bringing to life silhouettes from the past, Macaed embodies elegance and sensuality without overly imposing the need for extravagance. While the comfort from our pieces makes it feel


To travel is to live and don’t we all want to live in style? DELYX LTD was founded in Tampa, Florida, but the styles behind this brand transcend state, country and continental boundaries. DELYX LTD provides its clientele with luxurious apparel and accessories that are timeless and classic; whether you are tanning on the white

Patrizia Moreira Jewelry

Patrizia Moreira Finest Jewelry and Accessories was born in 2019 with the purpose to inspire women to look and feel at their best from inside to outside. Their jewelry is designed for women that do not give up sophistication and are always inspired by new trends. They strongly believe jewelry does not only empowers a

Bare Society

Gone are the days when we used to cry in a dressing room while bikini shopping. Here's to never having to settle for a large top that was too big in the band and too small in the cup. To a new era of loving the bikini you're in! As a 32G, founder Eileen Bell,


Designed to showcase confidence through Luxury Swimwear To anyone needing a reminder of their confidence, Evita is a swimwear company that creates a vacation in a swimsuit of elegance and beauty. This brand is a one-way ticket to make your fantasy world become a reality of luxury Check out their website and follow them on


We are a brand born in Colombia dedicated to the unique woman, and through our pieces of jewelry made entirely by hand, we seek to generate experiences, memories, and emotions. Full of details, colors, and textures, we design without limits, we love nature, fauna, and everyday life, that's why our jewels are full of life


Abacaxi Keeni is a Miami-based swimwear company where bikinis are created to celebrate woman’s bodies, to make a statement that allows boobies and booties to move freely in an itty-bitty bikini without receiving the social judgment of others. They inspire all women of the world to embrace their beautiful figures regardless of stretch marks, cellulite,

VELuptuous Swimwear

The vision for yourself should be celebrated no matter if it is obtained naturally or with help. At VELuptuous Swim we celebrate femininity and believe a woman should feel beautiful, sexy and confident in her own skin.    Our Swimwear was chosen with the attributes of lifting, shaping and contouring a woman's curves. Every woman


Be Bold Enough to Design Your Life A love for fashion and a flair for design influenced Diana Hoang’s journey to create a brandthat would be an actualization of her vision. Inspired by her family’s strong work ethic having immigrated to America and worked their way to owning a successful and living the American Dream,


In 2018 Aro was created to find the perfect mix of sexy and wearable swimwear. It is for those who seek adventure and want to look and feel good at the same time. Curated in Malibu, Aro hopes to bring a taste of the beach and serenity to your life. Aro seeks to create apparel that sets you

L’ Antonio Resort Wear

L’ Antonio is a state of mind. The state of mind that comes from a personal place of sheer satisfaction. The roots of L’ Antonio are grounded in the love of tropical living. Particularly the country of Costa Rica where designer Lloyd A. Crawford was born. They have a saying called Pura Vida, meaning simple


The Days Swimwear

THE DAYS SWIMWEAR is a collection of consciously curated styles for the contemporary woman. The brand name originated organically, extracted through an introspective thought process of making the days count - both individually and ethically. Derived from the elements of minimalist design, luscious color, and repurposed materials, The Day is a brand you can wear
DC Swim Week | Ri Noor | Earrings Emerald Stone

Ri Noor

Ri Noor is a jewelry collection that strives to provide impactful fine jewelry at attainable prices. Each piece in the Ri Noor collection starts with a passion for gems and discovering the beauty found in the uniqueness of the natural stones. The collection reflects Shibani’s long-held belief that fine jewelry should be accessible allowing it


HeatherLeigh Swimwear

HeatherLeigh is a New York City-born swimwear company, founded by best friends Heather Hadwen and Mary Leigh Freedman in 2016. Heather graduated from The Art Institute of Chicago with a BFA in Fashion Design which later led her to become a reputable Head Designer at some of the top fashion empires in the world. Heather


  Originating from Antioquia, Colombia, the Carriel leather satchel was originally created for cafeteros while traveling on their long journeys in the coffee fields. Its unique accordion compartments helped to organize their most prized possessions from pocket knives to love letters. Santuario offers genuine leather handbags to support the artisans of Colombia and to share our rich history

Beauty & The Beach

Beauty & The Beach is not just a bikini company. While the bikinis are the focus, we also want to send a body positive message and make an impact on the world around us...to empower women to love the skin they’re in, save the Earth, and look good doing it. We are creating a brand

Tropic Isle Swimwear

 Welcome to our island of punchy, bright colors and flattering styles for you and your babes! Hope you’re ready to dive in!    Dreamt up in sunny southwest Florida, our brands run deep in nostalgia for unforgettable summers all year around. We believe in sunshine and sandy feet, happy days spent at the beach and pool,


Instinct Swimwear

The union of two enterprising Colombian women: Paula Montoya, fashion designer with a history of 10 years creating and inspiring swimwear fashion and Paola Jaramillo, public and business figure, created an "INSTINCT SWIMWEAR". How does its name say? Brand inspired by the instinct that awakens in our body to want to be in a pool,

Genesis Swimwear

I am Adiola, the owner and founder of Genesis Swimwear It has been a life long dream of mines to own my own business. I wanted to wake up every morning and put all of my hard work and passion into something that I loved. Now, my dreams are finally coming true and with the launch

Silué swimwear

After 7 years developing and marketing post-surgery girdles for the plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery industry, Silué Swimwear was born, a new line of women's swimwear with an inner girdle. Our constant search inspired by a beauty for all, added to our know / how, allowed us to develop a perfect combination of bathing creations

Cheeky Swim

Cheeky Swim is a South Florida lifestyle brand specializing in exclusive, handmade, designer swimwear utilizing a high-quality fabric with original prints and styles. Cheeky Swim was established with the desire to provide beautiful, cheeky-cut bikinis that give you the perfect fit you've been looking for. Our term "Stay Sun Kissed" comes from the feeling you

Ama Bikinis

Ama Bikinis was established in 2015 in Miami Beach!  Designer Amie Manke is a beach volleyball player and South Florida native who was inspired to create unique and functional bikinis for an active lifestyle, but something that every day bikini lovers could afford. After months of research Amie met her manufacturer at Miami Swimweek in


Joues de Sable Swim

Joues de Sable Swim, also known as JDS Swim, is the beautiful creation of Dominique Celine, a Southern California native and bikini enthusiast. Joues de Sable (pronounced Zh-oe de Sab-leh) means “Sandy Cheeks” in French. JDS Swim came to life from Dominique’s undying quest to find her idea of the perfect swimwear line, which was


Natarsha B Swim Collections

Natarsha B Collections manufactures in Los Angeles, California, founded by Natarsha B. Being in business for three years, they purchase all their fabric from the Downtown Los Angeles Fashion District. Their wholesale goes for a minimum of 100 apiece. Natarsha B Collection currently has 6 pieces in their collection this year. Their demographics include an

Regalia Swim

Inspired by the heartbeat of Kloof Street, Cape Town, Regalia Swim promotes the confidence of Africa with traditional influence, natural elements, and love of people in modern style. Regalia Swim believes every woman should enjoy the plush benefits of quality and exclusivity that celebrates not only the woman she desires to become, but the woman


Thalassa Beachwear

Thalassa Beachwear was established in 2017 in Trinidad and Tobago by two fashion enthusiastic sisters, Arielle and Alyssa Persad, with a passion to create their own unique brand. They constantly research and design modern contemporary beachwear and accessories which embodies the idealism of the Caribbean lifestyle and dream. While their designs are consistent with bright


Strange Bikinis

Ali Conway started Strange Bikinis because she was tired of the struggle. Living in Los Angeles, California, it was impossible to avoid the dichotomoy of swimwear: sick designs or high quality? And at what price? That’s when she realized that we shouldn’t have to choose. Why not have it all? She began small, creating custom


Cicily Swim Line

Cicily swim line is for the conservative woman with a keen sense of self. When Khadija Cicily Glasgow was inspired to create Cicily Swim Line, she was at a point where she wanted to remind modest/conservative women that there are swimwear designers that think about them. Cicily Swim Line is a conservative swimwear brand, which


Bon Voyage Swim

Bon Voyage Swim is a swimwear and resortwear brand inspired by travel and made for the modern day Bon Vivant. All swimwear pieces are ethically made in the USA. Each collection is inspired by travel and transport you to a specific location!  Check out Bon Voyage Swim’s website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


Eat Me Guilt Free

Eat Me Guilt Free is a snack food company founded by, Cristie Besu, a Registered Nurse and Certified Nutritionist, with the goal of satiating my clients’ evening and mid-afternoon cravings for sweets with healthier options that taste great and satisfy hunger. Our healthier, high protein, low carb snack products allow you to indulge without the


KhaDiva Customs

From a thought of creativity, in January 2019 a dream turned into a reality. Hence, the birth of Khadiva Customs. Khadiva Customs is all about the empowerment of women through their sense of fashion. Designer Khadijah Boles is a Biomedical Engineer by trade, but has a love for art and a passion for the latest



Klatso, the brand that creates wearable art. Klatso is a sustainable brand that works with Colombian artisans to sell 100% handcrafted headpieces made from natural fiber. It seeks to empower women and preserve Colombia’s culture with the Iraca palm. Follow Klatso on Facebook and Instagram.


Esstee Fashion

Esstee Fashion is the brainchild and creation of a Kenyan girl living in Dubai, who poured her passion to create beauteous luxe summer staples.  The Brand name Esstee is coined from the Initials of the founder’s name “ESS” for “S” in Swafiya and “Tee” from “T” in  Tamim. Growing up in Kenya surrounded by Cousins and Aunts


Velia Sierra Design

Velia Sierra Design produces high-end, organic linen womenswear and menswear in Guadalajara, Mexico since 1982. They draw inspiration from Mediterranean lifestyle and Mexican artisanal techniques to create elegant, timeless and sustainable designs. All of their linens are ethically sourced from Italy and France, and pre-washed to ensure the highest quality possible for their customers. Freedom,


Blue Coral Swimwear

From a young age designer, Callista Gifford-DeHart has been obsessed with swimwear.  The styles, the colors, and the way the right suit can spark joy and confidence in a woman Callista moved to South Florida and quickly noticed that women’s swimwear had hit a creative rut.  In an area known as the swimsuit capital of


Designz by Raga

Boss Babe Gayatri Raghavan launched Designz by Raga in 2018 with the mission of providing women with luxury, one-of-a-kind pieces at an affordable price. Raghavan lived in India for more than 30 years where she had access to the most beautiful and finely crafted fabrics and beading in the world. Fashion became her third language



Soltani swimwear is a collection of high-end swimwear for the woman who appreciates fit, quality, and attention to detail. The result is a range of unique elegant pieces that can be worn from day to night. Always wanting to make a woman feel sexy, sophisticated , stylish, and beautiful, Soltani takes its wearers beyond the


Lady Mariama Design

“My style is a fusion of all the cultures I have been immersed in” states Mariama Onitiri. “I believe you can mix elements of different cultures to create a silhouette. It works! There is no limit to fashion!” Mariama Onitiri is a Senegalese/Guinean/ French luxury wear designer who has lived in France, England, America, Mozambique and Singapore



Luminora™, meaning “gift of light,” merges science, function, and style. The Luminora™ apparel line’s eco-friendly Luminology TechnologyⓇ fabric is infused with a plant oil, giving it it’s all natural Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) 50+ rating, blocking 98% of the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays. Unlike most UPF fabrics which are coated with chemicals that wash out

Miami Swim week 2019 – Swim Lounge

Swim lounge encompasses a pop-up shop and a lounge for 20 plus established and emerging designer brands in swim, resort, beauty, and accessories meet in a collaborative environment. Swim lounge attracts industry and consumer audiences, and all style makers in between creating a refreshing place to shop and network. It is the ultimate celebration of creativity merged with music,

Resort Collection Show

Follow #DCSWResort for the latest news on DC Swim Week 2019 We invite you to DC's premier fashion event of the summer - 5th annual DC Swim Week at the Iconic Italian Embassy in Washington DC. Experience an unforgettable summer fashion showcase that is transforming the industry with leading Fashion Designers, Entertainment, and State of the art Production

Genesis Swimwear Show

Follow #DCSWGenesis for the latest news on DC Swim Week 2019  We invite you to DC's premier fashion event of the summer - 5th annual DC Swim Week at the Iconic Italian Embassy in Washington DC. Experience an unforgettable summer fashion showcase that is transforming the industry with leading Fashion Designers, Entertainment, and State of the art Production

Holiday Bazaar -12.14.2019 Washington DC

ATTEND FOR FREE Follow #DCSWPopUp for the latest news on DC Swim Week pop up Get ready holiday shoppers, DC Swim Week is hosting its 3rd annual Pop-Up Bazaar on December 14th from 12pm to 6pm. Whether you’re looking for a last minute holiday gift or want to treat yourself in between all the gift giving,

Summer Showroom Pop Up

Follow #DCSWPopUp for the latest news on DC Swim Week 2019's Pop up We invite you to join us DC's premier summertime fashion pop up party on Sunday, July 28th. DC Swim Week. 2019 season has been slated to take off from July 25th to the 27th, 2019. We will be showcasing the spring/summer 2019/2020 swimwear