When in Rome: Top 5 Places to Eat

Ciao! I’m Maegan, and I know Rome and its restaurants like the back of my hand. Keep reading if you want to discover my top 5 places to eat, when in Rome.

Women in the Arts Pop Up Around DC- 2019

My own mother is a painter, in every sense of the word. In her downtime she’s an artistic one; you’re likely to find her with a glass of white wine in hand,…

3 Tips To Make Your Modeling Gig Worth Your Time

With all the glitz and glam surrounding the modeling industry, it’s easy to assume models make bank instantly. Unfortunately, our glamorous friends don’t actually get paid that much. For most models, the…

Staying on 2019 Summer Trends

Ever get tired of scrolling through Instagram and trying to find bikini’s people are wearing? Wouldn’t it be nice to be the one who knows the trends beforehand? We will fill you…

DC Swim Week | Kara McCullough | Posing | Red

Get to know Special Guest Kara McCullough

If you remember Washington DC winning Miss USA for the second year in a row, then you probably already know DC Swim Week’s special guest Kara McCullough, a beautiful, humble chemist who…