Women in the Arts Pop Up Around DC- 2019

My own mother is a painter, in every sense of the word. In her downtime she’s an artistic one; you’re likely to find her with a glass of white wine in hand, a colorfully frayed paintbrush in another. Other times she’s a painter-for-hire, more precise and determined in her work than most men I’ve seen

3 Tips To Make Your Modeling Gig Worth Your Time

With all the glitz and glam surrounding the modeling industry, it’s easy to assume models make bank instantly. Unfortunately, our glamorous friends don’t actually get paid that much. For most models, the average pay is $250 per hour. A pretty good amount on the surface, but once you count for the fact that bookings are

Staying on 2019 Summer Trends

Ever get tired of scrolling through Instagram and trying to find bikini’s people are wearing? Wouldn’t it be nice to be the one who knows the trends beforehand? We will fill you in on the must-have 2019 summer swimwear trends. One-Shoulder straps, while the tan lines might come out crazy, the photos will come out

DC Swim Week | Kara McCullough | Posing | Red

Get to know Special Guest Kara McCullough

If you remember Washington DC winning Miss USA for the second year in a row, then you probably already know DC Swim Week’s special guest Kara McCullough, a beautiful, humble chemist who works at the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Yeah, no big deal. While most of us got introduced to Kara when she took home


 Fashion community mobile platform - DCSW NOW - Mobile selling platform is launching in August. We are integrating a dynamic mobile shop collective where designers from around the world are able to sell directly to consumers (B2C) and attract buyers and retailers to digital profiles and lookbooks/line sheets (B2B). Mobile commerce is an extremely helpful tool as

DCSW Design Labs

A Design lab concept form DCSW - A resource center for fashion designers. Our lab works hand in hand with preferred manufacturing plants to provide production assistance to our designers. If you are interested in learning more, please fill out the submission form below to schedule a complimentary call with our our design team. Services