DC Swim Week 2019 Pop up Showroom

DC’s premier summertime fashion pop up party  kicked off DC Swim Week. 2019 season. DC Swim Week  Designers, retailers, brands and boutiques showcased their products while networking and building relationships with buyers and consumers.

We will be showcased the spring/summer 2019/2020 swimwear collections, Summer. clothing, Resort-wear, and Accessories from different brands worldwide in showroom style Pop-pop. The event attracted industry and consumer audiences, and all style makers in between creating a refreshing place to shop and network. It was the ultimate celebration of creativity merged with music,  drinks food and other forms of art activations at the Make offices at Glover Park Washington DC.

DCSW recognizes both local and international brands, in a bid to inspire and improve lifestyle, convenience, as well as luxury and trade-based relationships in Washington DC.