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How do I navigate DC Swim Week's website?
  • Click Schedule under Show page to view our 2019 show schedule.
  • Click Designer under Collection page to view our 2019 Spring-Summer Collection.
  • Click Partner page to view our 2019 show partners.
  • Click Registration under forms tag to submit your designer, model, partner, media and buyer application.
  • Click Press page to view our latests news, including photos and videos.
How do I become a DC Swim Week Partner?
  • Fill out the form on our Partner Registration page. You can also view our partner proposal on our About page to learn more about the Partner Packages we offer.
  • To submit a Request for Proposal, please fill out the form and attach relevant documents on our Contact page
How do I become a DC Swim Week Social Influencer?
  • Fill out the form on our Model Registration page. Be sure to select ‘Social Influencer’ option under ‘Model Type.’
How do I become a DC Swim Week Content Contributor?
  • Fill out the form on our contact page. We are constantly looking for excellent fashion, beauty and lifestyle writers to contribute to our #DCSW blog.
How do I advertise with DC Swim Week?
  • Fill out the form on our contact page. We will be in touch
How do I become a featured DC Swim Week Designer for 2019?
  • Fill out the form on our designer registration page.
  • Our creative team will review your registration. If you meet our criteria, we will schedule a phone call with you to the discuss next steps.
  • Once we have received your payment for your selected designer package and signed contract, you will officially be a DC Swim Week 2018 featured designer.
When is DC Swim Week 2019 being held?
  • DC Swim Week 2019 will be held at the Italian Embassy in Washington DC on July 26th-27th.
How do I attend DC Swim Week 2019?
  • Visit our show pages for updates on tickets. Be sure to purchase your tickets soon since our shows typically sell out fast. We also offer multi-day show passes.
How do I become a DC Swim Week makeup/hair artist?
  • Get in touch with us by filling out our form on our contact page. Please be sure to select ‘Makeup/hair’ option under ‘message pertains to.’ We will be in touch.
How do I become a DC Swim Week Model?
  • Fill out the form on our model registration page.
  • Show up to our next in-person model auditions. Please note, virtual castings will be held for models who live either outside the Greater Washington Metropolitan Area or the United States.
  • Models selected will be notified about next steps via email
  • Models must be available on July 21st, 25th, 26th, 27th, and 28th of 2019.
  • Runway models need to meet the height rquirements of 5ft and 8inches.
  • Runway models must have runway experience to be consider for the auditions.
  • All models must have a public instagram account.
How do I become a DC Swim Week Volunteer Staff?
  • Get in touch with us by filling out our form on our contact page. We offer many opportunities at DC Swim Week.
How do I become a vendor at DCSW showroom pop up?
  • Get in touch with us by filling out our form on our partner registration page and be sure to select the vendor option.

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    DCSW Media Gallery

    DC Swim Week 2018

    The most anticipated event of the year… From opening day of the fourth annual DCSW, it was obvious that it was going to be nothing like DC had ever seen! Exclusive vendors from all over the world gathered at the French Embassy to showcase their talents . Those in attendance had to privilege of a

    DC Swim Week 2017 | French Embassy | Runway Model Flood
    DC Swim Week 2017

    The third year of DCSW was unlike any other. To start, the venue selection of the French Embassy elevated the capabilities of production to new levels. 2017 also began with the pivotal addition of Azin Farshadfar, owner of Muse Studios, as head of the beauty team. Hosted by our very own Miss Washington DC Jordyn

    DC Swim Week 2016 | Vida Fitness the Yards | New York City Models Posing
    DC Swim Week 2016

    In 2016, It was clear the potential around DC Swim Week was only at its surface. International designers from over 8 countries worldwide reached out to join this innovative production. It became evident that there had been a need for a platform where sophisticated designs could be showcased on an elegant stage and at a

    DC Swim Week 2015 | Cafe Milano | Models | Fashion Designer Tala Raassi
    DC Swim Week 2015

    Red carpets are rolling out once again as we approach the fourth annual DC Swim Week! Named “The Hottest Fashion Show of the Year” by The Washington Times, DC Swim Week brings an elite selection of local and international designers together to showcase innovative designs in swimwear, activewear, and lingerie. DC Swim Week showcases fashion