Cicily Swim Line

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Cicily swim line is for the conservative woman with a keen sense of self.

When Khadija Cicily Glasgow was inspired to create Cicily Swim Line, she was at a point where she wanted to remind modest/conservative women that there are swimwear designers that think about them. Cicily Swim Line is a conservative swimwear brand, which caters to the woman who prefers to remain covered even when swimming. Cicily’s first collection entitled, “For My Girls” is a collection of swim dresses that stay true to their brand triangle; smart, playful, edgy. Cicily swim line wants all modest women to feel CONFIDENT and comfortable when they are at the beach, pool, lake, waterfall or resort. Cicily Swim Line is here to make everyBODY feel beautiful and allow conservative women to ‘Cic-Slay’.

It’s for the stylish yet modest woman. For the woman who likes to remain covered even when in the water. Cicily is not a ‘cover up’ that’s comes off upon entering the water. It’s an actual swimsuit that maintains coverage even when swimming. The collection of swim dresses represent a style triangle of smart, playful and edgy. Cicily’s brand tag is: #ConfidentlyCicily

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