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DC Swim Week | Cashmere & Pearls | Model | Jacket | Gold-Black
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DC Swim Week | Cashmere & Pearls | Model | Jacket | Gold-Black | Leather-Bag | Printed
DC Swim Week | Cashmere & Pearls | Model | Jacket | Pink-Orange
DC Swim Week | Cashmere & Pearls | Model | Jacket | Purple-Geometric
DC Swim Week | Cashmere & Pearls | Model | Jacket | Multicolored

Cashmere & Pearls, is not your typical black velvet and silk ribbon boutique shop.

The Cashmere & Pearls collections include a unique line of artisan crafted pure Thai silk jackets; fashion accessories made of pure cashmere, exotic lotus, yak, and camel; and a small jewelry collection of golden South Sea pearls, Hill Tribe Silver from Chiang Mai, Thailand, and their own Pistols and Pearls collection. They also carry an exclusive line of authentic Nile crocodile travel bags and just a few exquisitely designed fur hats. Their products are sourced worldwide, as they seek to procure only the finest fibers, leather, fur, pearls, and silver. 

Designer Karen Caruso is a fashion curator, driven by her passion to revive an interest in the use of sustainable and precious fibers.  Karen partners with small shops in far away places to bring her clientele the most exclusive designs and the highest craftsmanship.  Whether it’s sourcing the finest cashmere in the land of Genghis Khan, exploring Myanmar for lotus fiber, or working hand in hand with a small silk shop in Thailand, her company is dedicated to providing the most exotic and luxurious collections from all corners of the earth!  

Understanding that fashion trends change quickly, Karen is focused on supplying accessories which are of heirloom quality. Karen also has her own line of jewelry, the Pistols & Pearls Collection.  This collection was inspired by sophisticated women who serve in law enforcement or the military.  

Her clientele is not interested in a designer name, nor much of anything mass produced. But for those in search of the unique and exotic, Cashmere & Pearls is where they are sure to find it.

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