Azin Farshadfar

We interviewed our amazing beauty team and want to share with you. Get to know the people behind the fabulous glam as we prepare for our fourth annual DC Swim Week!

First up is our very own Director of Beauty, and owner of Muse Studios, Azin Farshadfar.

This is a creative field and I believe in creating something new from many sources of inspiration around me.  

What has been the biggest obstacle you’ve overcome as a brand?

I spent years in a completely different career as my focus, though beauty and fashion was always there in a supporting role.  Making the decision to leave a very successful career working as an executive for a global company was a very challenging one.  The difficulty was not in whether it was the right decision, but rather overcoming a fear of leaving the perceived security of that work.  The change over to a career and business that is my passion has proven to be one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done.

 What sets you apart from others in your field?

My educational background and previous career in a global consulting firm gives me a view point that is somewhat different in the field than others.  The quality of the work itself is incredibly important and in fact why clients are drawn to us.  What is equally important to me is my particular point of view and style that I have created over the years.  It is my particular voice and technique in doing the work and therefore is unlike anyone else. Though there are lots of beautiful work being done across the landscape, I don’t believe in emulating that work.  This is a creative field and I believe in creating something new from many sources of inspiration around me.  

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Context is the biggest source of inspiration for me – personality, style, environment, culture, and so on.  The context can be at a more acute level (specific client or event) or more general (topics that are important at the time).  Weaved within the context is my own experiences, stylistic perspective, and point of view from which I continually to draw inspiration. What is the one thing you want consumers to know about what you do? We are all about creating a look.  We use the context both individual and general as an inspiration and create a look for our clients.  The process of creation that feels and looks customized is incredibly luxurious and what keeps many of our clients coming back over and over to see us.

Tell us your brand story and what your working on in the coming months?

We started the brand as purely a hair styling and makeup artistry service which was both mobile and studio based, focusing on creation and innovation of technique.  We have grown the brand since to include additional services such as brow shaping and additional artists, who equally have an point of view and stylistic perspective of their own.  In the coming months, we are focusing on growing our services further to a full salon and day spa services.

Feel free to check out the Muse Studios Website and follow Azin on Instagram and Facebook!