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Ayittikini is a swimwear brand with the mission of promoting and inviting others to immerse themselves in our Haitian culture, art, and traditions.

It’s a Haitian-owned swimwear brand created out of love for Haïti and bikinis. This brand wants you to embody a piece of Haitian culture while resting under the coconut tree, listening to the sound of the wave splashing on the shore with warm sands between your toes.

Man and woman will be able to swim in style while embracing original designs of the country. Ayttikini started with the Caraïbe that showcases some of Haitian’s national flowers and birds, which you can also find in other Caribbean islands. The palm tree collection represents strength, victory, and growth. Lastly, the vèvè swim line represents the religious and cultural symbols of voodoo with some of the different gods and their own storyline. 

You can find some swimwear and accessories with palm trees  and vèvè designs on Instagram, Facebook at ayittikini.swim  and website www.ayittikini.com

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