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Kylie at a young age had a love for bikinis. Growing up in Palos Verdes, California Kylie and her grandma would design bikinis in their basement. Kylie’s grandmother was very inspiring to Kylie. Her grandmother was a pattern maker in Los Angeles and showed Kylie the ropes at a young age.  Kylie launched Almost Naked Swimwear when she was 16 years old, selling bikinis locally and to her friends in highschool. Kylie was determined to finish school and go to college, so the bikinis took a back seat on and off throughout her college years. She graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles with a degree in Apparel Industry Management.

Fast forward six years later Kylie and Amanda met at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, CA and became great friends. Amanda is from Winter Park, Florida. At age 18 she moved across the country to pursue her dreams. Amanda graduated from FIDM in 2018 with a product development degree. After graduating she started a job as an intern working for the Women’s Design Team at Billabong. She was working 9-5 Monday-Friday learning all she could about the industry. After one year with the Women’s design team she transferred to the women’s Marketing and Ecomm team to learn more about the business. Two years later she decided she wanted more freedom to be creative and work on something of her own. Amanda and Kylie met up over lunch on a casual Saturday and decided to revamp Almost Naked and become 50/50 partners. In 2020 Amanda and Kylie relaunched Almost Naked Swim 2.0.  

Amanda and Kylie are young, determined women entrepreneurs who are dedicated to creating a swimwear line that empowers women to feel free, sexy, and comfortable in swimwear fabric that’s luxurious to the touch and fits different body shapes perfectly. 

They just recently launched their new line featuring all recycled fabric called “Wild and Wasteless.” The girls combined their joint passion for creating and designing swimwear pieces that make women feel beautiful and sexy in their own skin.

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