Alessandra Palms

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Colombia is a never-ending source of inspiration: a country full of culture, color, and joy. 

Alessandra Palms is an artisan-driven brand of accessories made entirely in Colombia’s Caribbean region. Behind every piece is a unique story rich in culture and heritage. Each accessory begins in the hands of one of our exceptional artisans who use traditional Colombian techniques to create beautiful and modern designs.

Our artisans are priceless and deserve the opportunity to show their potential and their versatility. Women are the heart of Alessandra Palms and the brand is committed to helping them thrive.

To make an impact in these communities, we strive to build long-term relationships; not only do we generate jobs, but enable these individuals to afford schooling and basic needs.  When artisans earn reliable and fair incomes, they are empowered to provide for their families and experience renewed hope for the future. 

We take pride in our relationships and familiarization with culture and traditions which ultimately lead to designing and curating an extraordinary collection.



Gina Bayona, Owner and Creative Director of Alessandra Palms, is a first generation Colombian-American who dreamed of starting a business that would alleviate poverty through entrepreneurship. 

An impromptu trip to Colombia in November of 2014 first fueled Gina’s love with Colombia, its people, fashion and history. She developed an appreciation for finding locally-sourced accessories which inevitably resulted in a collection of eccentric and eye-catching pieces. Constant recognition in the busy streets of New York is what led her to launch Alessandra Palms, a business that uses fashion to create meaningful opportunities around Colombia. 


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