Acqua de Luxe Beachwear x Splash Jewelry

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Acqua de Luxe is a Miami-based Brazilian swimwear brand that specializes in the meticulous design of ultra chic swim selections for women fixated on fit, fashion and that ever so desirable wow factor. Located in Brazil, our factory is staffed entirely by local women. A “slow” fashion brand with sustainable principles interwoven into its philosophy, Acqua de Luxe offers authentic Brazilian-made swimsuits crafted out of the finest quality fabrics and textiles available. “We use materials that are compostable and recyclable. We are also involved in a social program that helps less fortunate women in Brazil integrate in society and obtain financial independence. These women are taught the art of crochet, and are offered the opportunity to be part of our production team.”, says Lidia Spangenberg, the designer and founder of Acqua de Luxe. 

Distinctive representations of our devotion to exquisite design, our handmade macrame bikinis and crocheted bathing suits exhibit extreme detail, luxurious textures and SPF 50 protection to defend the skin against sunburns.

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Splash Jewelry

Drawing inspiration from flowing seascapes and beachside culture, Splash Jewelry &
Accessories’ line of refined essentials is thoroughly crafted to have you effortlessly
glowing from dusk until dawn.

In 2018, jewelry veteran Richard Lister and his wife Suzanne began conceptualizing a
collection that reflected their laid-back coastal lifestyle. Passionate about discovering
luminous seaside escapes, founders Richard and Suzanne drew inspiration from their
tropical way of life to develop a line of fine basics and statement styles perfect for any

Through their family’s legacy in the jewelry space, Splash Jewelry & Accessories has
defined its niche in the industry using a delicate balance of authentic materials and
timeless craftsmanship to create a collection of demi-fine pieces that are truly unique.
As a member of the Jewelers Board of Trade, exceptional quality and attention to
detail are fundamental in every single one of their curated pieces.

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