DC Swim Week was first established in DC’s thriving metropolis, but Moh Ducis, founder of DC’s now fashion extravaganza, initially found his inspiration behind the scenes of internationally notorious companies IMG Models, NY Fashion Week, and others. Amazed by the artistry and creativity he saw in the fashion community, the industry void he saw present in DC grew more prominent with each passing day. Driven by his desire to create a corporate platform for local artists and designers, he established what had yet to exist in the DC community: DC Swim Week; a fashion phenomenon for small-scale (exclusive and emerging ), artists, designers, models, and entrepreneurs to showcase, network and thrive.

DCSW has witnessed massive publicity, capturing features on major news headlines all across the globe. The show has even advocated as a foundation for strong career building. Miss USA, Kara McCullough, started her own successful modeling career with DC Swim Week. Last years show was also hosted by the current Mrs. United States, Mrs. Lauren Ziegler, further establishing the event as one of the top fashion shows in the country, and even world. To add to our creative growth, DCSW has upped the anty from swimwear to summer-life styles and will not only be showcasing the spring/summer 2019 (2020) swimwear collections, but fitness, lingerie and plus size collections as well!