3 Tips To Make Your Modeling Gig Worth Your Time

With all the glitz and glam surrounding the modeling industry, it’s easy to assume models make bank instantly. Unfortunately, our glamorous friends don’t actually get paid that much. For most models, the average pay is $250 per hour. A pretty good amount on the surface, but once you count for the fact that bookings are on the scarcer side, and that you’re constantly scouting, networking, and organizing, the pay starts to lose a lot of its value. Get an edge in the industry with some dos and don’ts to make your gig worth your time!

1. Be Resilient

It’s easy to assume this industry only wants beauty, not brains – that models are walking mannequins who get easy work just for looking pretty. That’s not the case at all. Pursuing a career on this platform takes resilience, dedication and quite a bit of self-awareness. The fashion industry is known to be cutthroat, constantly evolving and a fiercely competitive platform. There’s no room for the weak of heart under these raging spotlights.

2. Play Nice

Experts estimate that 70-80% of people end up in their position thanks to personal connections and good networking. Word on the street is a lot of talk goes around in this industry too. Models talk to other models who may talk to directors, photographers, make-up artists, entrepreneurs, etc. Collaboration is the ultimate key to climbing your social ladder all the way to the top.

3. Get Some Green

For all the side-work this industry demands its participants do, be careful not to delve into any low-paying jobs without making sure you’re getting something good in return. Most fashion companies woo you with gorgeous clothing or fabulous accessories. But you’re trying to live good, not just look it. Some fashion companies may offer long-term jobs, this is always a plus. If that’s not the case, check to see if they have any titles available in the company, like brand ambassador, that you can use to boost your legitimacy on social media. Make sure you’re getting something stupendous to tag on your resume. This way even if you make money immediately, you’re bound to get something back in the future.