The DC Swim Week (DCSW) provides one of the largest gathering of top designers and innovators in the swim suit fashion and recreational niche. Conceived to be a veritable avenue for the sharing of ideas, making vital connections that would translate to invaluable networks and providing opportunities for capital raise, the event is fast gaining attention. in DC, Miami and NYC. This is in addition to being increasingly diversified, attracting designs and artists that broach other areas as well. As have become evident over the years, the event has witnessed a continuously growing number of participants, something that can no longer be ignored by every business looking for an advertising opportunity to gain increased visibility and much needed traction.



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Dolce Vita

The famous Italian show brand is launching its swimwear collection in the spring of 2019. Dolce Vita has long been a designer of eye-catching, on-trend shoes and is now working on a…


Red Carter

Red Carter redefines sexy & sophisticated for the contemporary woman. Daniel Carter, aka Red Carter, was born and raised in California. He soon realized that fashion was where he wanted to be…


Bleu Rod Beattie

Bleu Rod Beattie is a collection of contemporary swimwear inspired by Rod’s Southern California roots and his love of travel. The brand’s signature style is a combination of modern aesthetic with clean…


Muche & Muchette

Feminine, sexy, hippie flair is what Muche & Muchette fashion is about. An elegant yet bohemian and vibrant colorful apparel line inspired by two designers’ friendship and lifestyle, with a significant touch…